did you know...

that our actual non-profit name has always been Sanctuary Hill?

Sanctuary Hill Foundation NFP, d/b/a Bright Star Equestrian Centre, to be exact. Which is quite a mouthful and certainly never fits on forms easily. With the move to a new facility that is home base for a for-profit equestrian boarding and riding business, we thought, "Why not let the whole facility become Bright Star Equestrian Centre, and we can just use our actual name for our equine assisted therapy program?" 

It made even more sense as we thought of how many people have talked about our programs being a 'sanctuary' for them. So, we are now officially SANCTUARY HILL, Equine Assisted Therapy Programs!  

And we've moved to a new location... at the NEW Bright Star Equestrian Centre! (1450 Horse Farm Road, Divernon, IL -- Just take I-55 to the Glenarm exit and follow the road heading west! )


Looking for the NEW Bright Star Equestrian Centre?

The Stables on Horse Farm Road is now called Bright Star Equestrian Centre. If you are looking for horse boarding, training, riding lessons, or organic fertilizer, visit their site below:

Click Here

SUCCESSFUL 2nd annual Funday horseshow

Visit our Facebook page for pics of the horse show! We had lots of fun show classes, great participation, and most of all, LOTS OF BIG SMILES! 

Thank you to the families and supporters of Sanctuary Hill for their help with making this a successful FunDay Horse Show!


Visit Or Email

We love to make new friends!

Email us at info@sanctuary-hill.org or visit us at 1450 Horse Farm Road, Divernon IL

(Please call ahead to 217-741-3086 to make sure a staff person is available to give you a tour).